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The perfect bedding doesn’t always come in a bag, which is why Kotton Culture is happy to customise it for you, all thanks to the fact that we have our own manufacturing setup. Here’s what we offer:

Custom sizes for the perfect fit.

With all the variety in bed and mattress sizes, you need bedding that fits. We provide sheet sets, comforters, pillow shams, duvets and bed skirts that are handmade to order to fit the dimension of your bed.

Bedding in the fabrics, thread count and colors that you love.

Why settle for cheap fabrics from a big box retailer when we have a catalog of with 16 fabrics and a wide range of colors?We can also add trimmings, banding or other dressmaker details so you bedding fits your home decor perfectly.

Artisanal manufacturing according to your specs

Kotton Culture sets the standard in handcrafted, artisanal bedding. We're obsessed with quality, from the number of stitches per inch to the choices of fill weight in a comforter. We can make your bedding according to specifications on how buttons should be sewn or how zippers should be fixed.

Customised packaging

Looking for custom gift boxes for a special occasion? Kotton Culture will provide you beautiful, high-quality packaging. Our support team will build on your initial ideas and walk you through to the final production step so you can get a personalised gift bag or box that is custom-made to your specifications.

Monograms to make your bed truly yours

Add a personal touch to your bed or to your gifts to friends and family with monogrammed bedding.Order an embroidered monogram and choose from a wide selection of colorsfor the perfect personalised bedding. Whether you're designing bedding with your initials or want your company’s name embroidered on your custom design, we’re here to deliver.

At Kotton Culture, we're all about affordable luxury. Our team of experts will work with you to bring your custom bedding concept to reality, both for small orders and bigger ones that receive our volume discount.

Please fill our form and our team will respond within 48 business hours to discuss your requirements and give you a quote.